1950s, years of enthusiasm and desire to build. These two qualities were not lacking in Mario Sessa, who opened a small business repairing and selling alarm clocks and watches on December 19, 1955.

Seriousness and skill are over time appreciated and allow the expansion of the sales activity and the inclusion of a workshop to pass on the culture and knowledge of watchmaking craftsmanship to young aspirants.

1966 saw the flanking and great support of his wife Marisa. In 1974, the big breakthrough of a well-established business with the expansion of the store and the opening of a second floor.

During these years Mario Sessa had also achieved a high qualilfication as an expert diamond connoisseur. Mario Sessa’s sudden death in 1977 brought his children Fabrizio and Rossana into the business. There is no shortage ofenthusiasm and appreciation from customers, and the store is constantly evolving.

It is 1994 and Mrs. Marisa also sadly passes away, but the business is now well established and a point of reference for loyal customers; the work is carried on without interruption by the children.

2007 is a momentous year for Mario Sessa Jewelers (the founder’s name, of course, has remained): Daniela, Fabrizio’s wife, took over the business from her sister Rossana, and the store was granted“Bottega storica” status by the City of Milan. The following 2008 saw further recognition by the Lombardy Region of“Historic Store.”

Studies never ended, and 2012 saw Fabrizio Sessa’s graduation as a “Diamond Expert” from CISGEM (Laboratory of the Milan Chamber of Commerce).

The same Chamber of Commerce awarded the “Milan Productive Award” to Mario Sessa Jewelers in 2012.

Many years have passed since 1955, and many events have also changed the rules of trade.

In June 2014, Mario Sessa Jewelers will cease its traditional activity through a store but will continue to operate with the usual professionalism now established through new technologies.

Internet and the
will henceforth be the new cornerstones for old and new customers to rely on traditional support.